My first blog?

I'm kind of late to the blog game, but here I am, blogging. Most posts will be about the sessions I have, but this one and the next will be special as well. Fair warning, I only took a few of these. The quality is...not good, but the memories that live in them, mean more than I can adequately say.

This is about why I do what I do: you should have pieces from your partnership. Memories are great, but physical photos are so much better.

I grew up with horses in the Midwest. Being contrary, I had to be the western rider in a family full of hunters and dressage riders. I rode a beautiful, cowy liver chestnut paint mare, named Zippy. We showed in 4H and in APHA shows until I left for the military. After a few years, I was able to get her home with me in Colorado, but unfortunately, when I was medically retired, I couldn't afford to keep her and had to sell, losing her ripped my heart out (don't worry, she's happily retired on 40ac with another horse living in luxury with a retired couple).

What hurts more than anything? I don't have any good photos of her or any of the horses I grew up riding. All I have is memories and some not great photos. You should have tangible, beautiful pieces of art that will be around forever. Capturing the connection between you and your horse during a horse and rider session, or your horse's beauty in a portrait gives you that everlasting memory. It brings me an intense feeling of happiness that I can provide this for people.

This is why I love photographing you and your horses. The beauty of your bond should be photographed.